Detox your feminine energy
to unleash your creative power
to be happy, wild and free


The next group will be from 6 to 20 December 2022
on the private and exclusive Facebook Group for members.

To better prepare and ground yourself in your powerful feminine energy
before the Christmas holidays.


Too many women feel drained and lacking in energy and this derives from the fact that they allow themselves to be consumed in the body, mind and energy of the social context in which they live and above all by couple, family, children and work relationships.

Too many women give everything to others and keep nothing for themselves, thus thinking that they can receive more love to fill that inner gap they feel in the Heart.

Instead, the more they give, the more others demand and the more they feel discharged. And the more they feel drained, the less they feel beautiful and they lose the sweet, strong, harmonious and powerful feminine energy and along with it they also lose the joy of enjoying their body and their sexuality, even though they love their life partners.

❤️‍But the problem is that they don’t love themselves enough and the more energy they lose, the less they are able to love and respect each other.

❤️‍This is what happened to me too, who for a long time felt a blockage of sexual energy, although I loved my partner very much and although I used all the creative energy to create magnificent paths to help my clients love and live a free and happy life.


Until I became aware of the problem and decided to experiment first of all on myself this new path to which I wanted to give the name of “Volcanic Vagina” to mean that from the energy center located at the level of our feminine genital organs in the first and second Chakra. It is necessary to start again to release the energy that is blocked there and that is also blocking the rest of a woman’s life, so that she can then learn to manage this awakened energy well to let it flow up to the higher Chakras and bring new and powerful creative visions to live a happy, wild (in the sense of powerful and intuitive) and free life. And why not, this energetic awakening also leads to living one’s sexuality with more serenity, understanding that enjoying one’s body and in one’s body is possible and wonderful when it is done with spirituality, that is, with love, understanding and respect for oneself and for oneself partner.
‍♀️So, just here I am telling you that I know that:
This journey together will be fantastic and magical!
It will awaken in you the desire to love yourself from the depths of yourself, to honor and respect your Vagina and your physical and energetic Feminine Being and will reactivate your great creative power to make you live happy, wild and free, whatever happens outside.
And it will also be moving and fun at the same time.



Here is the information

3 WEEKS online group with LIVE VOLCANIC VAGINA

The next group will be from 6 to 20 December 2022
on the private and exclusive Facebook Group for members.

To better prepare and ground yourself in your powerful feminine energy
before the Christmas holidays.

What does it include

1st week: Detoxify your Vagina, reconcile and balance the feminine and masculine energy to find harmony with yourself and those you love.
2nd week: Detoxify your body on a physical, mental, nutritional, energetic and spiritual level to create the basis of lasting well-being that supports you in every situation.
3rd week: The power of forgiveness and letting go to allow you to enjoy your life and sexuality. Feel pleasure into your feminine and joyful body. Unleash your creative power and channel it into a new vision of yourself and your life. Let’s celebrate unlocking insights and achievements together!
You will have lot of materials as videos, pdf, physical-mental-energetic-spiritual practicers through Yoga, DanceTherapy, ArtTherapy, Music-Healing, Meditations, Conscious Eating recipes, Yoni Detox practices, private Facebook Group access for 3 weeks, 1 live session “Questions & Answer” each week, Opening live circle on Zoom, Celebrating closing live circle on Zoom and other nice surprises.

And all the course is in English! So if you are Italian you can also improve your English knowledge and practice. I’m very simple speaking.


An event like this and so powerful I can’t believe
I’m selling it for only 222 Euros
instead of 444 Euro!
But I have decided to offer you all this at a very low price as a launch offer to make you a Christmas gift that is propitiatory to start the new year by letting you know a new yourself, awakened, powerful and creative.
❗️❗️❗️ SO NOW, if you want to join me for this magical and exciting experience of rediscovering yourself, your pleasure and your creative power to live free and happy CLICK ON the link of the subscription page YOU FIND BELOW.
After signing up we will add you to the facebook group to introduce you and officially kick off on Tuesday 7th December 2022.

Awake your Volcanic Vagina Creative Power and Make Magic Happen!


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